Kitchen Trends for 2014

1Wood-Mode Cabinets – Embassy Collection

Grey is the New White: Classic interior design, colors and finishes never go out of style. Soft grey colors are very popular in today’s kitchens. Custom cabinet designs by an interior designer and created by Wood-Mode Cabinet show the soft grey classic lines in their Embassy Collection. Countertops shown are in the dreamy grey and white marble style. Sleek glass tile in a sand drift shade backsplash embraces a transitional look with a clean and polished image contrasted against the stainless steel bell shaped silhouette vent hood. Plenty of storage on either side of the pro-range for cooking pans.

Taking the time to plan and evaluate how a homeowner will use their kitchen makes all the difference in the final stage product of enjoying the ease of everyday use in cooking and entertaining in your home. As an interior designer, I work closely with the homeowner to create the best layout for their kitchen which meets their cooking style.

Transitional interior design takes the traditional designs and simplifies the look while bringing the bolder statement to the room. For the island the warm stained wood brings in the classic furniture look with simplified lines.


(Wood-Mode Cabinetry)

Oversized Island with Drum Lighting Fixtures – Oversized for the purpose of everyday use and function, this kitchen has a great island centered with the kitchen sink on the main side and bar stool seating on the front side. Rather than the small pendant lights, larger drum fixtures offer updated and sophisticated lighting for today’s kitchens. They are both functional and provide a clean feel for everyday meal prep and along with providing a great ambiance for entertaining.

Lighter wood floor stains create a larger feel to a room and are easier with the maintenance since they do not show as much dust compared to a dark wood floor.

Oversized islands allow for additional seating offering a big benefit for larger crowds or for times when it is just a couple of people who want to sit at the island for breakfast.

The kitchens shown in this blog are good examples of how an interior designer who specializes in kitchens and interior design can help the homeowner create a wonderful and functional custom kitchen. As a kitchen designer and interior designer I bring a unique blend and perspective which is a great benefit to the homeowner. Coordinating the details and managing the kitchen layout from the beginning, I help make the process easy and enjoyable. Getting the kitchen you want is the main goal and then you can enjoy it every day.


Wood-Mode Penthouse View Kitchen 

Sleek European Style Cabinets with Contemporary Lines for an Integrated Look – Integrating the kitchen into the large areas of the house provide more options to use the kitchen blended purposes. Instead of the traditional kitchen which is separated from the other areas of the house, another style is to integrate the look with a clean line approach.

Consistent island height is another popular trend which allows a more seamless counter space. Black lacquer finish on the cabinet fronts provide a sophisticated yet functional option for storage and counter space. Oversized islands are also very popular due to their enormous function and provide a big “wow” factor for the kitchen.

Optimized Storage Features – Space is prime real estate in today’s kitchens. Every inch counts so maximizing storage in a functional and fashionable way is very important. Slide out trays located in the base cabinets help homeowners reach the back items with ease and allows them to see what is in the cabinet. The kitchen shown above optimizes storage behind the tall sleek black cabinets.


Beverage Centers – Beverage centers are wonderful for entertaining and every day use. Traffic flow in the kitchen can get crowded near the main refrigerator. Having an additional area to store beverages creates more space in the main refrigerator. Custom interior design features for beverage centers can integrate it into the cabinetry or create a unique featured area in the cabinet design.

High Tech Appliances – Today’s high tech appliances can even communicate with the smart phone apps. Automated faucets make it easier to prepare meals when hands are messy with food prep. (See the upcoming blog which will discuss some of the new options).


Wood-Mode Cabinets – South Hampton Georgian Kitchen Classic

European Simplified Styles: Calm in the midst of a busy world is what today’s homeowners want for their personal spaces. There are a variety of styles which meet this demand. This South Hampton Georgian classic kitchen features the classic cabinetry styling accented with an beautiful streamlined hood. Soothing grey is used for the kitchen walls and echoed with the grey marble backsplash and hood accent. Located over the furniture styled island the chandelier and wall sconces add a custom look while providing beautiful lighting layers for the room. As an interior designer I work with my clients to create the kitchen or home which matches their personality and style. Designs for living becomes the goal so that the home is . . . designed with you in mind

LED Lighting for the Kitchen – LED Lighting provides quality light and offers excellent task lighting. LED strip lighting comes in low voltage options which offer a bright clean light and can be controlled with a dimmer. There are several great options for LED which provide great efficiency for a variety of options in the home. (A separate blog will be written to feature the benefits of the new LED lighting).

Furniture Style Detailing – Furniture style accents in custom kitchen cabinetry adds a warm ambiance. As an interior designer, I use the finishing touches of furniture detailing in kitchen designs to add meaningful details and accents where it counts the most.  It really comes down to the layout design, finishes and selections and how these elements work together that make the space come alive.


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